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The Free Mind Organization is sponsered by:

In the year 2015

Fam. Slooter Netherlands
Stichting RobinHood Nederland Netherlands
Carry Wouters Netherlands
Oscar Wildschut Netherlands

In the year 2014

Fam. Slooter Netherlands
Netpage 7th street East, Off Kairaba Avenue
Kairaba Stationery & Office Equipment Kairaba Avenue

In the year 2013

Fam. Slooter Netherlands

In the year 2012

Reiki Vereniging Benelux Netherlands
Vibes FM The Gambia
Pleiadische Kring 2 Netherlands
Pleiadische Kring 1 Netherlands
Fam. Slooter Netherlands
Pleiadische Kring Mallorca
Tim van der Meer Netherlands
Latest News
Health Care Center
Yesterday, there was trekking day in the health center.

Health Care Center
After many meeting we rent now the Health center in Old Yundum, but first we start with the renovation of the buildings.

Adult Education Program
On 27 July 2015 we start a education program for adults.

Reiki in Gambia (The Course)
9th February 2014 Saturday Three days visiting From Janneh Our trip to Sika on the 9th February for a three days visit in Sika village and the trip to Sika we inform them before we went.

Reiki in Gambia (The Course)
My friend André was explaining to me about Reiki for 2 years ago.

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