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About the founder of the Free Mind Organization.

For me it started long before I got my Reiki attunement.

In early 2006 I had a feeling that I must change my life. I needed to be more close to nature.

I was a System Expert in ErasmusMC hospital, Rotterdam and worked mostly with the mainframes (computers).

Coincidentally, they asked for a programmer. And as a programmer I socialized with many people at the hospital. So said so done, I moved from one department to another.

In the summer holidays I got the feeling that I must make changes in my free time too.

So I search the Internet for nice things. I saw a course in Quantum Touch, which was looking appealing to me. There was one in Rijswijk and one in Rhoon. For the one in Rijswijk, I must wait about one week, but for the one in Rhoon, a little closer, I had to wait two months. I decided to wait for the course in Rhoon.

I applied and was waiting.

When the time came I went there.

I stepped into the house and get I felt I was home. That was strange for me because there were 5 women who did the course and I was the only man. Normally in this kind of situation, I would turn around and go home but not this time.

After the course, which is very strange for me because I had never dealt with this energy, I had a few questions. So I made an appointment with my teacher Lisa.

She advised me to go to someone else who can write clearly. This was Marja. Now I'm someone who, if somebody says something, not immediately says whether that is true or false. Marja made contact with her guide and wrote my question. I saw that the answer was in a different handwriting. With these answers, I went back to Lisa, because she was the right person for me to develop my spiritual path.

In December 2006 I was initiated into Reiki 1. After initiation, I felt that I had to stop working. But how do I survive. And I was not somebody who was going from one adventure into another adventure. And I don't like big changes too. I was working for 27 years with the same company. So I decided not to listen to my feelings

In April 2007 I was initiated into Reiki 2. The feeling that I had to stop working gets bigger. So I decided to work half days. This was agreed without much comment.

In February 2007 Lisa told me that she wanted to get Said, a Gambian, to the Netherlands to initiate him into Reiki 2. She asked me if he could stay with me during that time. I immediately replied yes. This was the first time I ever heard of The Gambia and got the same feeling that I had to go to The Gambia. I thought for a vacation or something like that.

In the summer holidays, I was with my daughter in Andorra. I got the feeling that I had to go to The Gambia in November 2007. On return to the Netherlands, I asked Lisa how is it with Said, the Gambian. She told me that the visa was rejected and they had to re-apply, which probably would take three months and then was not sure if he get it. So she decided to go by herself to Gambia. As her boyfriend was abroad on business, I spontaneously offered myself to go with her.

But I had no passport and it takes two weeks to get one. That was good for me, because next weekends the children would come to me and my ex had already asked that two months ago. Also they had to work outside in my house doing something with the gas. But Lisa want to go in the next week. So we called town hall to ask if it can be faster, unfortunately that was not possible because the application was already gone. But it was possibly to pick up a document to the town hall, and by customs we could get a valid travel document to the Gambia. I called my ex and told her that I want to go to The Gambia this weekend. Miraculously she did not bother us. The neighbours were home when the work started and would have an eye on it. The town hall calls on a Thursday that my passport was there already. Monday I applied for my passport and Thursday it was ready, normally it takes two weeks. So Friday we were on our way to the Gambia.

Once there, it was not a holiday for me, Lisa was teachings us (Said and me) Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 (Master). But the first week we initiated two people in Reiki 1. Furthermore, we met a special woman too in the first week, Bintou. This was because the room cleaner was sick and she came to replaced him. This was the first and last day of seeing Bintou.

After returning in the Netherlands I continued to keep in touch with her and I kept feeling that I had to come to The Gambia in November again for two or three weeks vacation.

Because I was working half days, it was actually no longer feasible to continue living in the house. So in early October I went to the broker to put the house up for sale. Who told me it takes about six months before it was sold. Okay, no problem, I have plenty of time.

But the closer we came to November, the more I felt that I was no longer going for three weeks or so, but for a longer period. So in late October I made the decision to live my work and go to The Gambia.

In the meantime, I was busy with my Reiki 3 and December 9, 2007 I was initiated into Reiki 3, so I could go to The Gambia as a Reiki master to serve the people with treatments and to learn them Reiki as well.

Because I had many days off, I could retire on December 14. On December 13th I received a call from the broker that they had a buyer for my house. And on December 17, 2007 I came to The Gambia to do my task as a Reiki Master.

Latest News
Health Care Center
Yesterday, there was trekking day in the health center.

Health Care Center
After many meeting we rent now the Health center in Old Yundum, but first we start with the renovation of the buildings.

Adult Education Program
On 27 July 2015 we start a education program for adults.

Reiki in Gambia (The Course)
9th February 2014 Saturday Three days visiting From Janneh Our trip to Sika on the 9th February for a three days visit in Sika village and the trip to Sika we inform them before we went.

Reiki in Gambia (The Course)
My friend André was explaining to me about Reiki for 2 years ago.

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