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Welcome to Free Mind Organization.

This organization is standing for Health. For us is Health:
*. A body without sickness. (Reiki can help you).
*. A body without stress. (Reiki can help you and the organization try to help you to with a business under supervision (for about two years) from the organization or to find or create a job for you.
*. Exercises for your body. We try to support sport clubs.
*. Exercises for your mind.

It is sad to see some of the children's with enormous talents and the willingness to go back to school, but are now on the streets as vendors - selling either peanuts, mangoes, bananas, orange, cold water etc. for their poor parents in their houses.

It is a pity to realize how these children spend their whole time and life without any formal education-meaning out of school, due to lack of funds for their school fees and even lunch money for their food. These drop outs with their parents initiative programme will now find themselves back to school.

You give poor kids money for food, medicine and school fees. This is the way that you try to solve their problems. It is fine, but do you really help them? Or do you create beggars? There are all ready many foundations that help to educate the children. We are looking for a long term solution by supporting the parents by helping them for example to setting up business, so that they can take responsibility for the education of their children.

Self supporting. I want to teach the people here Reiki, so that they can treat themselves if the hospital is too far away, or doctor not available. I want to teach the people how to do business but not by giving money and doing what they want. But by making them managers of the business under the supervision of the organization for about a year or two. After that the business becomes theirs.

Latest News
Health Care Center
Yesterday, there was trekking day in the health center.

Health Care Center
After many meeting we rent now the Health center in Old Yundum, but first we start with the renovation of the buildings.

Adult Education Program
On 27 July 2015 we start a education program for adults.

Reiki in Gambia (The Course)
9th February 2014 Saturday Three days visiting From Janneh Our trip to Sika on the 9th February for a three days visit in Sika village and the trip to Sika we inform them before we went.

Reiki in Gambia (The Course)
My friend André was explaining to me about Reiki for 2 years ago.

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